water resistant radios and remote mics

We often hear the question, “Is this radio waterproof?” Truth is most radios are about as waterproof as your television. Electronic components and water just don’t mix. Then along comes a group of water resistant models. These radios are not waterproof, but are far superior in water resistance, and worth of mentioning.

Motorola CP110 is rated IP55 for moisture protection. Unlike other two-way radios, the back half of this radio is the battery pack. There are no openings to get inside the radio or see the component board. Being more of a sealed unit is what gives this radio the advantage over moisture. The IP55 rating tells us this radio has been successfully tested for exposure to sprayed or misted water, and passed the test. In the basic business radio category, this radio is rated better than the others for this type of moisture resistance. Additionally this radio is much better at keeping dust, dirt, and humidity out.

And yet a step better in water resistance… the Motorola EX560 is rated IP67 submersible. This radio, when used with the appropriate IP67 rated battery, passed tests submersing it in one meter of fresh water for up to 30 minutes. While we don’t recommend trying this at home, this radio is the closest to waterproof you will find in the Motorola line. If you work in extreme conditions, this radio may be the one for you. Click this link to see the EX560 brochure, which describes more about the radio.

Depending on your radio model there may also be an IP57 rated remote speaker mic available. These are also rated to be moisture and/or water resistant. If you have lost radios or accessories to moisture, you should consider getting IP55, IP57 or IP67 rated radios/accessories with your next purchase.

And we would be amiss if we did not mention some basic information on what to do if your radio encounters water:

  1. Remove the battery. (Do not turn on or try to use the wet radio, as this could cause further damage.)
  2. Thoroughly dry the radio. You can use a towel on the exterior and battery compartment. If you feel the water has intruded further, use a blow dryer on a low setting to air dry the radio.
  3. Get the radio to a radio repair facility ASAP. The longer you wait, the more likely the radio will grow corrosion, and be deemed non-repairable.

We’re here to help, and do our best to bring your radio back to good working condition. Give us a call if you have questions or need more info, 800-872-2627.