we service what we sell

Delmmar repair customers 2-way radio boardcan be assured 90% of the two-way radio models we offer are serviceable/repairable radios. Our highly trained technical staff repair most models of Motorola, Kenwood and Vertex radios. We do component level repair, replacing common failure parts, other needed parts, then realigning and tuning your radio to bring it back to its peak performance. If you send your battery or other accessories, we can test their functionality while they are at the radio repair center.

You might be thinking “What about the other 10%?”

Some radios are produced with out parts or schematics becoming available. We offer batteries and accessories for nearly all of these models, but repair is not an option. For the first few years the manufacturer will offer a warranty or factory repair. Past that time, it simply need to be replaced. When purchasing a new radio it never hurts to ask about future repairability.

Radio repair is typically less than 1/2 the cost of purchasing a new radio. Delmmar techs will continue to repair a particular radio model as long as parts remain available.

If you have a radio needing serviced you can fill out a radio repair form and send it to us. We have a 5-7 turnaround on most models. Questions? Give us a call here at Delmmar Communications, 800-872-2627. We are always happy to help.