fishing license…

Motorola DTR700Here in the Midwest it is the time of year to renew our annual fishing permits. Just finished doing one online today.  (A new modern convenience.) Getting the permit made me think about how many things we do which require a license or permit… fishing, hunting, driving… and two-way radio transmitting. If you use a two-way radio, chances are you need to have an FCC license. While there are a few license-free frequencies in the USA, most businesses using radios need a license.

Radio users who were affected by the FCC narrowband mandate needed to be have a license modification done in order to keep their existing frequencies, and add the narrowband version of their frequency to their existing license. You can do this yourself at the www, website OR you can use a licensing company to take the headache out of the process. Either way, we suggest you don’t procrastinate, as the process will likely bog down as we get closer to the deadline and droves of radio users try to slip under the wire. Be an early adopter of the change. You won’t regret it.


There are 5 license-free VHF frequencies known under the nickname MURS (multi use radio service).  Some users are opting to move over to one of these frequencies. While this will work for some VHF users, this will not work for those of you on UHF.

Also in the license-free arena are the 900 MHz radios such as the DTR700.  These new radios are digital, have much clearer transmissions, and more range than a VHF or UHF radio. If you are looking to replace your radios, this would be a great direction to go. The DTR700 can even do simple test messaging. We’re really impressed with this model and think you would be too.

As always if you have any questions give us a call here at Delmmar Communications, 800-872-2627. We’re always happy to help. In the meantime, hope you can take some time to enjoy the simple pleasures such as going fishing.