business radio

SP50 and SP50+
aka SP50 Compact and Spirit HP50
VHF, 1-5 Watt
UHF, 1-4 Watt
2, 6 or 10 Channel
Wideband or Narrowband radio
narrowband models will have
“00” in the model number,
a limited number of these were produced

10-Hr. Wall Charging Adapter (SP50+ model only)
10-Hr. Drop-In Charger
(Available as an option on the SP50+, came standard with full-size SP50)
NiCD 650 mAH Battery (SP50+ model only) HNN9044
NiCD 1200 mAH Battery (SP50 standard model only) HNN9018
3″ Spring Belt Clip
1 Year Warranty
Scan (Simple scan available on 6 & 10 channel versions only)
Dealer programmable
Programmable option button.
Choice of one: scan, high/low power, tight/loose squelch

Similar model: Motorola Spirit HP50 radio, same as SP50+ compact.

Available items (links to
Chargers – no longer available
Spring Action Belt Clip
Holster – no longer available
Audio Accessories
SP50 Radio Repair – no longer available
SP50 radios were discontinued in 2003