business radio, rugged, narrowband/wideband

Motorola P1225
keypad model

P1225 4-5 watt
2, 16, or 16 channel with display
Narrowband capable

P1225 LS, UHF LTR Trunking models
8/16 talkgroups, 2 conventional channels, 4 watts
Standard radio package included:
1200 mAH NiCD rechargeable battery
10-hour drop-in charger
3″ spring action belt clip
1 year warranty

AdvantagePort Expandability
Backlit Display on display model
Programmable: VHF 150-174 MHz, UHF 450-470 MHz
PL/DPL capable
Internal VOX
6 character alpha/numeric display on display model
Programmable OPT (option) button
Mil Spec: 810 C, D, E
Weight 15.2 oz. 5.55″ H x 2.23″ W x 1.45″D
Adjustable power levels
Priority Scan, one scan list only

Available items (links to
Accessories for the P1225
P1225 Radio Repair – no longer available
P1225 radios were discontinued in approx. 2005