entry-level business radio

2 or 16 channels (16 channel model has display)
Narrowband capable
Same radio family as the original RDX, RDU and RDV series radios

and also available CP110 MURS models
VHF MURS frequencies only

2400 mAh Li-Ion rechargeable battery (pre-2013 models came with NLA 2200 mAh Li-Ion battery)
3-hour drop-in charge kit (3 pieces)
Spring Belt Clip
1 year warranty
Dealer Programmable
Voice-Inversion Scramble Capable
IP55 and MIL-SPEC Specifications
Scan capable
Call Tone capable
Audio accessory compatibility with CP150/CP200
VOX capable
Light Weight 0.64 lbs. 4.5″H x 2.2″W x 1.8″D
Can be programmed to be fully compatible with CP100/XTN radios
Display Model includes: 5 programmable buttons, battery gauge, signal strenth indicator, keypad lock, iVOX and channel aliasing.
2 Channel Model includes: 2 programmable side buttons and auto-scan
Programmable button options: Call Tones, Monitor, Scramble, Scan/Nuisance Delete, High/Low Power

Available items (links to eradiostore.com)
Belt Clips/Holsters
Audio Accessories

CP110 Radio Repair
RDX, RDU, RDV series Radio Repair (RDX4160d w/3 front buttons no longer repairable)
CP110 radios were discontinued November 2014
Replacement radio for the CP110 is the CP100d