business radios, 900 MHz License-Free Digital

Motorola DTR650

(related models DTR550, DTR410)

Standard Package Included:
1500 mAh Li-Ion Battery
Single Unit Drop-In Charger (1-Hr.)
900 MHz Stubby Antenna
Swivel Belt Holster
One Year Warranty

900 MHz ISM Frequency-Hopping Digital Spread Spectrum
12 Alert Tones plus VibraCall
Battery Meter
License-Free Communication
Backlit Display
Private Calling: One-to-One Communication (user programmable)
Private Group Calling: One-to-Many (selected from Contacts)
Public Group Calling: One-to-Many (up to 100 Group IDs)
Public Group Scan with Scan List
Remote Disable
Remote Monitoring
Remote Time/Date Update
SMS (Short Messaging Service), 5-10 Quick Notes (CPS required to edit Quick Notes)
Contact List: Capacity 150 Shared Private/Public Group/Private Group

Programmable Features:
Call Tones
OTA Fleet Cloning
Accessory Talk Permit Tone (TFT) Independent Volume Control
Disable Radio PTT when using accessory w/remote PTT
Option to disable front-panel radio programming
Cloning copies all configuration
Read Private ID (reads field other than just PID)

Available items (links to
Holsters and Carrying Solutions
Audio Accessories
DTR650 Radio Repair
Motorola DTR650 radios – discontinued 2019