mobile radio failure parts

Motorola hand micIt’s the hand mic!

User-interface items on any type of 2-way radio are the most common to fail. The hand mic on a Motorola mobile radio is no different. The coiled cord gets stretch repeatedly, the PTT button gets pressed numerous times a day, and in general the mic gets tossed around during the work day. This are all things which eventually fail.

If your radio is not transmitting one of the simplest forms of troubleshooting is to try a known good mic on the radio. If this doesn’t solve the problem, the next step is to check your antenna connections, and your antenna itself. Either one of these items can cause lack of transmit. Note: Antennas can become loose, coax can get pinched, the rear connection on the radio can become loose. These are all common things.

2-way radio boardIf you don’t find the problem in the hand mic or antenna, you may have a radio in need of repair. The Delmmar radio repair center can look at your mobile radio and determine if it is in need of repair. There is a flat rate fee for nearly all models of mobile radios. Send your hand mic along with the radio and it will be tested also. Radio repair is typically less than 1/2 the cost of a new radio.

Hand mics for the most part are non-repairable, but replacement mics are usually reasonable in price.

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