intrinsically safe radios

Motorola HT750 repairThis Motorola HT750 we’ll call “Old Paint” came in for repair in 2013. It and 2 others from a manufacturing plant had been customized with painted housings. It was quickly recognized during the check-in process that the radios were marked as intrinsically safe (I.S.). A call was made to the customer to see if they needed the radios to remain I.S. Yes, they did. So Delmmar Communications forwarded them to the Motorola repair depot for factory service. As of this writing, the manufacturer of I.S. rated radios are the only repair depots certified to repair them. In the event the customer does not need the radio to be intrinsically safe it can be repaired at Delmmar’s radio repair center.

Intrinsically safe is a protection technique for safe operation of electrical equipment in hazardous areas by limiting the energy available for ignition.  Areas with dangerous concentrations of flammable gases or dust are found in applications such as petrochemical refineries and mines.

When businesses work around hazardous areas, I.S. radios are required. Radios manufactured to be intrinsically safe are labeled with green “FM approved” or white “UL”  labels.I.S. sticker

Users of I.S. radios must also use I.S. rated batteries and audio accessories.

Delmmar Communications offers a full line of intrinsically safe radios. If your company works in an area that requires I.S. radios, give us a call, 800-872-2627, when you need additional radios or radio repair. We are happy to help, and can facilitate getting radios to the factory repair depot.