more than just for public safety users

So you are probably used to seeing your local law enforcement officers wear a remote speaker mic on their shoulder. It’s identifiable, something that seems to be part of their uniform. But did you know many other industries use these devices too? Just to name a few: manufacturing, amusement, sporting and entertainment venues all take advantage of the convenience of the remote microphone. Remote mics (aka lapel or shoulder mics) can be used anywhere two-way radios are used. They move the convenience of your radio on your lapel.

You can find a remote mic for most types of commercial two-way radios. Mics vary in features with some including submersible, windporting, display screens, antennas, emergency buttons, audio jacks for earpieces, coiled or straight cords. For basic business two-way radios a remote mic may simply have a speaker, microphone, coiled cord, lapel clip, and a push to talk button.  Everything you need to have the convenience of your radio near your head, where you an both talk and listen.

Ever seem like you are constantly taking your radio off your hip to talk? Maybe a remote mic is right for you!


intrinsically safe …

HT750_whiteThis Motorola HT750 we’ll call “Old Paint” came in today for repair. It and 2 others from a manufacturing plant have been customized. These three intrinsically safe radios are on their way to Motorola for factory service. While most radio models are repaired inhouse at the Radio Repair Facility, we also offer forwarding of specialty radios directly to Motorola for factory repair. “Old Paint” and friends are on their way today to Motorola.

Radios manufactured to be intrinsically safe are labeled with “FM approved”  stickers and/or embossing. This will typically be a diamond shaped logo with green letter. Users of these FM approved radios must also use FM approved batteries. All audio accessories used must also be intrinsically safe. Depending on the industry the radios are being used in, there are different types of intrinsically safe ratings.

Note: Intrinsically safe (IS) is a protection technique for safe operation of electrical equipment in hazardous areas by limiting the energy available for ignition.  Areas with dangerous concentrations of flammable gases or dust are found in applications such as petrochemical refineries and mines.