about CP200d batteries

Motorola NNTN4497 batteryThe Motorola CP200d radio has come with 3 different battery types over the past few years. The CP200, CP200-XLS, and newer digital CP200d come with the NNTN4497 Li-Ion 2250 mAH battery. You can expect this battery to give you a good full work day of 12-14 hours. Life expectancy is approx. 18-24 months. Li-Ion is less likely to suffer from the memory effect which is common to the NiCd chemistry of batteries. It is the preference battery by most users.

The current NNTN4497 Li-Ion battery and the earlier NNTN4851 NiMH batteries need to use the fast rate charger to properly charge their battery packs. The fast rate charger is easy to differentiate from the trickle charger. The fast rate charging tray has outlines of several batteries depicted on the bottom of it, while the trickle charger has only one outline of a battery.

Some radio users received the trickle (slow rate) charger with their early model CP200 or CP150 radios. This slow charger is only useful for charging one chemistry of battery, the NiCd NNTN4496. Older model CP200 radios can be upgraded to use the more current Li-Ion NNTN4497 battery with a fast rate charger with no modification needed to the radio. You would simply need to purchase the Li-Ion battery and a fast rate charger. (The slow rate charger is no longer available. But not to worry, the NNTN4496 NiCd battery will charge just fine on the newer fast rate charger.)

Very similar to the original CP200 is a nearly identical PR400 radio. The PR400 radio uses the same accessories. When new the PR400 portable came with a slim Li-Ion 1600 mAH battery NNTN4970, which will also fit the CP200 radio.

The single unit and multi-unit fast rate drop-in chargers for the CP200d radios will accommodate any of the above mentioned battery types. The charger features a convenient insert which can be removed and turned around to fit the size of battery being used. This same insert has vertical rails which guide the battery into place, and will hold a battery alone or a battery attached to a radio in place during charging.

TIP: Always have your radio turned off when on the charger. And only charge your battery when it is 80% or more depleted. This will help you achieve a long full life from your batteries.

Motorola battery date codeMost batteries will last approx. 2 years (or 3 years if you treat them really well). Use the manufacturers date code to determine the age of your battery. On a Motorola brand battery the first digit(s) are the year and the last two digits are the week of the year.  Example: 1611 would be 2016, the 11th week, and 611 could also be the same date (or if very old it could be 2006, the 11th week). Keep in mind using an old battery for an extended period of time can eventually lead to the radio making a trip to the radio repair center. It is wise to replace your 2-way radio batteries every 2-3 years. This will help keep your radio in tip top shape.

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