construction grade radio

CP200Hardworking, durable, tough, will take a drop, these are all phrases we hear when people are talking about the CP200. It is the best choice in the mid-tier of Motorola radios. It is an all around construction grade radio. It is the replacement radio for the SP50, P110 and P1225 radios in the former Radius Division, now Commerial Series for Motorola. It durable 40-hour a week working radio, has a full two year factory warranty, and comes equipped with both a long-life Li-Ion Battery and a Fast Rate Desktop Charger. All the month of February this model is $20 off. PLUS, if you get 6 radios Motorola is offer a $185 rebate.

Flat rate radio repair is available for the CP200 after it is out of warranty for $85. Includes parts, labor and return shipping.