special modifications…

Occasionally radios arrive at our repair facility with some unique modifications. These two CP100 UHF radios arrived together from one of our very favorite nursery companies. They were just so special we thought we’d take a picture or two and blog about them.

The first radio is a classic example of a radio with poor transmit and receive, caused inadvertently by the user. Both the microphone hole and the speaker grill are covered by duct tape. We can see the reason for the duct tape engineering, the carryholder was broken, and the user wanted the radio to stay in the carryholder. However, in doing so, they blocked the transmit and receive of the radio. Radio lesson: Be watchful when applying tape or stickers to the front of a radio. You might be covering up something you will need.

The second one had lost its antenna covering and the user had fashioned a Sharpie pen cartridge to cover the coil. Now while this might be all the rage in the Sharpie fashion world, it is a very temporary fix for the problem. This radio would begin to lose range due to the coil being exposed to the outside elements. Little by little the coil would oxidize and/or corrode, until the radio’s transmit and receive would be shortened dramatically. So if you need to do this for a day or two, great, but then follow it up by getting the radio to the repair center and a new antenna installed.

Have a great day!