railroad clean cab radios

I’ve been working on the railroad…

well… maybe not all the live-long day, but often enough. The radio repair center works on many kinds of radios and electronic devices associated with 2-way communications. One of the larger and more interesting is the Motorola Spectra Clean Cab Railroad Radio. Large enough to require a handle like a suitcase, these radios were built rough and tough. Ham radio users and railroad enthusiasts have been scooping up the good used ones as they become available, as the larger railroads are replacing them with newer digital style radios.

Some of the smaller shortline railroads are still using this variety of clean cab radio, and we still see a trickle of them coming into the radio repair center. If you need to know if your railroad radio is repairable at Delmmar Communications, give us a call, 800-872-2627, and our technical staff can see if parts are still available for your model.