2-way radios vs cellphones

Cellphone vs Radio

Non-radio users often ask why would someone use a radio instead of a cellphone. Here a few answers:

1) When you need immediate ability to communicate on-site to one or many at the press of a button. Two-way radios are the most reliable method.

2) No monthly bill. No minutes. (unless you connect your radios with a trunking tower system)

3) Durability. Business radios are designed to go a 40-hour work week. Many are rated for resistance to moisture, dust, and humidity. They are made to be a workhorse.

4) Using handheld radios for on-site communications can keep workers on task, and prevent the abuses seen with cellphones. (No calling home or surfing the web on a 2-way radio.)

5) Longer life expectancy. Most cellphones last 2-3 years at best. Business two-way radios typically last 5-7 years, or even longer if you have them serviced as needed.

2-way radio board6) Business radios are usually repairable at the radio repair center for less than half the cost of a new radio, while cellphones usually require replacement.

These are just a few thoughts to ponder.

There are situations where cellphones are ideal. But in the situation of public safety, business or on-site communications, radios still give you the best all around solution.

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