Pam’s radio…

I am a Fairy Princess! I’ll bet that sounds funny coming from a 2-way radio, but I am sure that I am. I know this because of the beautiful Fairy Princess sticker on the front of my housing and that my user, Pam, calls me that every morning when she gingerly removes me from my gang charger to start our work day together.
I love going about our work in the plant with Pam, keeping her in contact with the main office guy – Jerry. But one day recently I began to have “hearing issues”, Pam could talk to Jerry and the other workers at the plant, but we could not hear their transmissions back to us. I could tell this made Pam unhappy – it also made doing our job much harder.
At the end of that frustrating day Pam takes me to Jerry’s office. “She needs to go into the Repair Center at Delmmar,” Pam said to Jerry. “But, please, make sure I get my Fairy Princess back. It just wouldn’t be the same without her,” Pam sighed softly.
Jerry is a big burly guy, but somehow he understands Pam’s attachment to me. “The staff at Delmmar will take good care of her and she’ll be back at work before you know it.” Jerry says.

After Pam leaves Jerry takes a after warranty repair form from a file in his desk and fills out the information. At the bottom of the form he adds in capital letters: PLEASE, DO NOT REMOVE THE FAIRY PRINCESS STICKER.  He wraps me in bubble plastic, which kinda tickles, and places me in a cardboard box.

Upon arriving at the Repair Center the check-in girl gently opens my box and unwraps my bubble plastic, which again kinda tickles. She smiles at me. “What a pretty Fairy Princess you are!” she says to me as she places me into a bright yellow tub- see, I told you so! After generating a check-in sheet for me she adds to the instructions: Please, do not remove the Fairy Princess sticker and back to the waiting for repair shelf I go.

In a flash the tech takes me to his work bench, gently removes my housing and hooks me up to the power supply on this bench. He quickly finds the problem and with some new parts and a little solder I am as good as new. He slips me back into my housing and tests me one more time. “You’re ready to go home, Princess,” he says to me with a smile as he places me on the ready to invoice shelf.

Again, I get wrapped in the that tickly bubble plastic and placed into a cardboard box for the ride home. I am excited to be going back to work with Pam and I know she will be so glad to see her Fairy Princess back, too!