Wrong number

Not a 2-way radio

Are you going to call?

Several times a day the same scenerio plays out in offices across the United States, and ours is no exception. The call either starts out with a long silence, or may it is someone saying “this isn’t the bank?”. We politely say “No, this isn’t the bank, their number ends in 57, you’ve dialed 27”. If the caller is insistent they have dialed the correct number (like we’ve answered the wrong phone), we go on to tell them “you’ve reached a two-way radio shop in Missouri”. At this point they usually hang up in disbelief, sometimes just to call us again. Other callers wanting to reach an Aircraft Owners Pilots Association transpose numbers and reach us. Guess there are some dyslexic pilots out there. During the 2006 Olympics people wanting information about the US Bobsled team were calling us by dialing 800-USA-BOBS incorrectly.

What makes us most happy is to find you, a radio user on the other end of the phone line! We are here Monday-Friday waiting on the other end of the phone line to help you with your radio needs. Give us a call. 800-872-2627.

Who calls your office? Are you a wrong number? Have a funny story? Tell us!