What’s new in 2-way?

Here are a few brief comments about “what’s new”:

  • MotoTrbo radios: the beginning of the digital narrowband radios (using TDMA technology). This radio offers a stepping stone to becoming fully digital. It can be programmed to match your existing units, then later when you are ready to make the digital change it can be reprogrammed for digital.  As with any new technology, they are a little pricey at $843-$960 (retail) for the basic model. We look for this type of radio to become more common and more affordable in the future.
  • CP200 now has a new cousin, the CP200-XLS. It comes with an 8-character alpha-numeric display, and can be ordered with a full or limited keypad. Pricing on the limited keypad model is the same as the regular 16 channel CP200 pricing. Same construction-grade durability as the CP200. (This one is so new, we don’t have the photos up on the website yet.)
  • CP110, not necessarily “new”, but still new to many, is capable of being 20% louder than the CP100 and is more water resistant too.  Sadly, the replacement battery is higher priced than most (probably due to being more of a sealed unit). When adding to a fleet of CP100s you’d have to consider either the CP110 or the more powerful BPR40 as a replacement radio. They are priced about the same as one another, around $189-$199.

There’s a lot of talk about digital everything these days. Radios are slowly starting to follow suit. For now, your current type of radio is still the most efficient and economical route to go.