radio parts availability

We are beginning to see certain groups of radio parts become unavailable from the manufacturers. If you have an older Motorola radio in need of repair, it would be better to get it in to the repair center now versus later. Sometimes parts are discontinued due to poor demand, or as in the case of the coming change to narrowband, it might be an anticipated low demand. Then you could just blame it on these economic times. Whatever the reason, if you own a radio which is not a current model, your radio is at risk of having poor parts availability.

We are very fortunate that some radio parts seem to be universal to many radio models. This helps us keep many older model radios going for our customers. For some components there are after-market parts available. In any given situation we do our best to repair your radio with geniune Motorola parts.2-Way Radios

So all this being said… don’t procrastinate…  Happy Fall.