knob dilemma: motorola cp100 and xtn

Motorola CP100 knobWe periodically receive calls regarding loss of the the Motorola CP100 and XTN series radio Volume/On/Off Knob. Users, for whatever reason, seem to pull off and/or lose the knob on this style radio. Replacement knobs are available from eradiostore (aka Delmmar Comm). To get the new knob to seat properly you must be certain the D-shaped retainer clip from the original knob is no longer on the shaft. Because of this we include an instruction sheet with the new knob.  Need a knob, give us a call, 800-872-2627.

Note: eradiostore is set up to ship by UPS, however, if you give us a phone call we can send your knob more economically by US Mail.