here it is the holidays…

Lots of little tidbits we need to share with you as we end the year:
1) All Motorola radios are $20 off our already discounted price during December. (except VL50) It is likely your last chance to purchase additional wideband radios to match your existing radios, for those of you who haven’t made the switch. (FYI: For online orders, the discount will be subtracted from your final invoice included in your shipment.)
2) Time to get serious about making your radios match the FCC narrowband mandate. Your FCC license needs to be modified before Jan. 1, 2011, to allow you to transition to narrowband.
3) All replacement batteries are on sale $5 off during December with a paid radio repair, or a purchase of a new radio. No quantity limits.
4) The radio repair center is still running a fast 5-7 day turnaround on most units. If your business is slower this time of year, it would be a good time to send your radios needing repair or reprogramming in.
5) Narrowband reprogramming is available on many radios. $30 for the initial radio of a model type, and $6 ea. for those able to be cloned.

Hope you and your family have a safe and wonderful holiday season. Many blessings from your friends at Delmmar (aka