ever think license-free?

Thinking License-Free?? If you are looking to replace your fleet of radios with something that doesn’t need an FCC license, the ideal choice for you might be the DTR650. It is license-free 900 MHz, (not VHF or UHF). It has simple text messaging, up to 20% more range than the CP100, and it is digital with a crystal clear transmission that will amaze you. The DTR650 is currently available for $229 ea., includes 1-hr drop-in style charge, carryholder w/swivel belt clip, rechargeable Li-Ion battery, stubby antenna (not shown) and 1 year warranty. Multi-unit charger is also available.  Note: 3″ antenna differs from photo.
We are seldom so excited about a radio, but this little gem has us talking. One of the office girls took one home for lunch, and was able to talk back to the office from her living room just over a mile away. This was through houses, trees, and talking from inside. Crystal clear transmission, no static or noise. AMAZING! We are not making any guarantees on range, because every situation differ. Just saying, we were impressed.
If you are thinking of an upgrade or complete change, this might be the radio for you.