dog days of summer

Here we are in the Dog Days of Summer. A few years back my daughter coined the phrase “underground dog network”. She would use this phrase whenever a stray would land on our doorstep, and remain only a day or so. She was certain there was some kind of network, and dogs knew which houses were friendly and would give them food, drink and a place of rest. The photo of the English Hound (looks like a Beagle only bigger) is just one of those dogs. He came by, and stayed a day, and then was gone. He left well rested with food in his belly. My daughter feels certain he and others like him eventually find their way back to their families. Somewhat likened to a Disney movie.

While we haven’t had any dogs visit lately, we are celebrating the Dog Days of Summer. Here at Delmmar Comm we are in the midst of our BPR40 4-pack offer. Buy a 4-pack of BPR40 8 channels with NiMH batteries for $699 and you save nearly $100. We are pleasantly pleased with the performance of this little radio. It easily does the basic walkietalkie tasks of most businesses. With the capability of doing a full 5 watts (4 watts on UHF), this is a full power radio in a small package. Give us a call if you want to know more, or determine if it will work for your business.

FYI: Flat rate repair is available for the BPR40, after its one year warranty, for $69.

And don’t forget to do your part in the “underground dog network”.