ever think license-free?

Thinking License-Free?? If you are looking to replace your fleet of radios with something that doesn’t need an FCC license, the ideal choice for you might be the DTR650. It is license-free 900 MHz, (not VHF or UHF). It has simple text messaging, up to 20% more range than the CP100, and it is digital with a crystal clear transmission that will amaze you. The DTR650 is currently available for $229 ea., includes 1-hr drop-in style charge, carryholder w/swivel belt clip, rechargeable Li-Ion battery, stubby antenna (not shown) and 1 year warranty. Multi-unit charger is also available.  Note: 3″ antenna differs from photo.
We are seldom so excited about a radio, but this little gem has us talking. One of the office girls took one home for lunch, and was able to talk back to the office from her living room just over a mile away. This was through houses, trees, and talking from inside. Crystal clear transmission, no static or noise. AMAZING! We are not making any guarantees on range, because every situation differ. Just saying, we were impressed.
If you are thinking of an upgrade or complete change, this might be the radio for you.

end of the road for wideband

End of The RoadOnly 4 more months until users of VHF and UHF must change to narrowband.  Four things you need to do:

  1. Determine if your current radios are capable of narrowband.
  2. Have your FCC license modified to include narrowband, or obtain a new license.
  3. Have your radios reprogrammed. (Be certain to indicate if radios are for reprogramming only.)
  4. Replace older noncompatible radios.

Have questions? We can help, just give us a call 800-872-2627.

radio parts availability

We are beginning to see certain groups of radio parts become unavailable from the manufacturers. If you have an older Motorola radio in need of repair, it would be better to get it in to the repair center now versus later. Sometimes parts are discontinued due to poor demand, or as in the case of the coming change to narrowband, it might be an anticipated low demand. Then you could just blame it on these economic times. Whatever the reason, if you own a radio which is not a current model, your radio is at risk of having poor parts availability.

We are very fortunate that some radio parts seem to be universal to many radio models. This helps us keep many older model radios going for our customers. For some components there are after-market parts available. In any given situation we do our best to repair your radio with geniune Motorola parts.2-Way Radios

So all this being said… don’t procrastinate…  Happy Fall.


are you going through the change…

NARROWBAND: Radio manufacturers are quickly making changes as we head toward the deadline for switching to Narrowband. We have several tools to assist you in the transition. Some things you need to know:
1) There is a quick FAQ sheet at our website, along with a worksheet for you to fill out and send in with your radios to be reprogrammed.
2) Reminder: You must have any existing FCC license modified for your transition to narrowband.  This modification can add narrowband to your existing wideband license, which will make the change seamless.
3) Get your radios reprogrammed and retire the radios which cannot make the change. See the narrowband worksheet and FAQs for reprogramming prices.
4) If you’re staying wideband for a while longer, now is the time to get replacement or add-on radios, while wideband radios are still available.  (However, keep in mind you must be working toward making the change. New radios available now are both narrowband and wideband capable.)

REPAIR CENTER: Don’t forget Spring is a good time to send your radios in for service. We have a remarkable 5-7 day turnaround on most units. Flat rate repair fees are listed on our website.

Have a great Spring season!