are you going through the change…

NARROWBAND: Radio manufacturers are quickly making changes as we head toward the deadline for switching to Narrowband. We have several tools to assist you in the transition. Some things you need to know:
1) There is a quick FAQ sheet at our website, along with a worksheet for you to fill out and send in with your radios to be reprogrammed.
2) Reminder: You must have any existing FCC license modified for your transition to narrowband.  This modification can add narrowband to your existing wideband license, which will make the change seamless.
3) Get your radios reprogrammed and retire the radios which cannot make the change. See the narrowband worksheet and FAQs for reprogramming prices.
4) If you’re staying wideband for a while longer, now is the time to get replacement or add-on radios, while wideband radios are still available.  (However, keep in mind you must be working toward making the change. New radios available now are both narrowband and wideband capable.)

REPAIR CENTER: Don’t forget Spring is a good time to send your radios in for service. We have a remarkable 5-7 day turnaround on most units. Flat rate repair fees are listed on our website.

Have a great Spring season!